Episode 2 - Capturing Your Creative Zen

Welcome to How We Human. A podcast about creation. Those who dare to make mold the future. Join your hosts Evan Kidd & Toni Devon as we navigate how this timeless process sparked our very humanity.

This week, Evan & Toni discuss life after art school, finding a work life balance as an artist, and managing your schedule and stress to work for you instead of letting it consume you. Plus we answered viewer questions from Twitter!


- Breaking into the real world as an artist fresh out of art school.
- Finding ways to work around a busy schedule and make time for your art despite life's constant distractions.
- Deleting the concept of a "perfect day" and "feeling inspired" to suddenly create your art.
- How our phones and other distracting devices can help and hurt our creative process.
- Balancing art while you work another job or side-hustle.
- Still taking time to relax while not feeling guilty about it.
- Evan's "daily" schedule as a full-time filmmaker and working through chaos.
- Keeping commitment to a daily art-making schedule.


- Source: How We Human