Episode 1 - An Introduction

Welcome to How We Human. A podcast about creation. Those who dare to make mold the future. Join your hosts Evan Kidd & Toni Devon as we navigate how this timeless process sparked our very humanity.

In the debut episode of How We Human, Evan & Toni discuss what makes the artistic process truly fulfilling despite many struggles and hardships that take place along the way.


- Introductions
- How does art school help young artists grow today?
- Common struggles in filmmaking for Evan, and music for Toni.
- Embracing the obstacles to help you create.
- Dr. Dre's 2015 release "Compton" and his abandoned "Detox" album.
- Consumer culture in art, selling out or going the indie way?
- Chance The Rapper's unique model of creation, and Evan's similarities in creating his first feature film Son of Clowns.
- People "watch" you as an artist for a while before fully committing to follow your work.
- Surviving as an artist in America as opposed to Europe or elsewhere.
- Taking the marketing of your work into your hands and learning to love it.
- The role of a movie theater in 2017. Will it become a thing of the past or just a novelty in which to experience the art?
- Closing thoughts and goals for the new How We Human Podcast. What you can look forward to!

- Source: How We Human