Episode 3 - Work Lessons & Finding Your Voice In Political Times

Welcome to How We Human. A podcast about creation. Those who dare to make mold the future. Join your hosts Evan Kidd & Toni Devon as we navigate how this timeless process sparked our very humanity.

This week, Evan & Toni discuss lessons learned from past jobs they've held and how those tie into their art making process. Additionally creation in today's politically charged landscape, Kendrick Lamar's unique approach to creation, and networking are all discussed,


- Can artists also call themselves marketers?
- Are breaks in your creative periods good?
- Can you use these breaks to truly further your education outside of art school? Via watching interviews, TED Talks, self-learning online, etc.
- The news-cycle today and how we must react as artists.
- Jobs Evan and Toni have held outside of their respective artistic mediums. Part time, odd jobs, first jobs.
- What lessons do these jobs teach us, that we can apply to our art?
- Networking in reality and online. What is the difference?
- How to stand out artistically if you don't live in a large city.
- Toni discussed networking everyday in his normal life, no matter who he meets.
- Political art, and what does it mean in today's era.
- Do artists have a responsibility to be political during turbulent time?
- Kendrick Lamar's DAMN, what does the album mean in today's political climate, how can we as artists make a similar splash today in our own mediums?
- How to create art that matters in the the political climate of 2017, and how to decide if that art truly matters no or not.
- Finding your voice, and make sure what you have to say matters. No fluff.
- How to successfully market your art, while not caring about the opinion of an audience on your craft. While taking feedback all the same.
- Learn and grow WITH your audience. Let them come along for the ride with you.

Source: How We Human Podcast